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Welcome to the video vault. Here you will find references to recent videos (presentations, webcasts and podcasts) that discuss the issue of interoperability for the capital project industry and approaches to addressing it with iRING and ISO15926.


EPIM was established in 2006 by Norwegian Oil & Gas. It is organized as a non profit organization and is owned and operated by the operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. EPIM’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) Domain services improve the quality of supply chain management through tracking equipment and easy access to quality ISO15926 equipment information through EqHub. What the video to learn more.

Lifecycle Information Management: An Industry Perspective

Geir Ramleth, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Bechtel Group, Inc., was a keynote speaker at the ARC Industry Forum held in February 2011. Geir’s provides an EPC perspective and executive level view of the problem and offers definitive steps on how the industry should move forward.

Part 1: Interoperability challenges from an EPC perspective. (12:10 minutes)

Part 2: Why and how the industry should collaborate. (11:35 minutes)

Asset & Information Management: Industry Executive Panel

This video features a panel of industry executives that discuss data interoperability requirements and challenges for the industry from their company’s perspective. The panel offers perspectives from that owner/operator, EPC and software vendors. This video was filmed at the ARC World Industry Forum in Orlando Florida, February 2011.

Participants include:

  • Jerry Gipson, Sr. Director, Dow Chemical and Chair of Fiatech Board
  • Patrick Holcomb, Intergraph
  • Geir Ramleth, CIO, Bechtel Group
  • Martin Mrugal, Sr, Vice President, SAP
  • Alan Kiraly, Vice President, Bentley Systems
  • Bill Muldoon, Executive Vice President, AVEVA

The panel session lasted an hour and video was produced into 4 parts. What follows is a brief description of the topics discussed in each part and the link to the video.

Part 1: Industry perspective of data/information interoperability. DOW expresses the importance from an owner/operator perspective and value as it relates to plant safety. (13:40 minutes).

Part 2: Panelist discuss why owner/operators should drive the industry and the challenges of integration information from different sources. (11:12 minutes)

Part 3: Panelists discuss the importance of integrating with the automation vendors and what it takes to push the industry to lifecycle integration. (9:33 minutes)

Part 4: Panelist discuss the importance of evolving quickly to solve the data interoperability issues for the owner/operators using standards and open interfaces. (11:28 minutes)

Dupont reinforces benefits of interoperability

This webinar, organized by Digital Plant and sponsored by Bentley, features Chris Schwander, leader of Enterprise Automation and Interoperability for DuPont Engineering’s, Capital Asset Productivity organization. Chris discusses DuPont’s vision of an integrated environment across all phases and processes of the capital project life cycle so that all information can be shared and available where and when needed.
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 The Interoperability Myth

 Robin Benjamins, Corporate Engineering Automation Manager at Bechtel, discusses the myths about data/information interoperability among in the capital projects industry. He points out that the industry has been inter-operating for decades, but the cost of interoperability (information exchange) is too high! (6:22 minutes). View Now