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We think it is important to provide downloads and links to resources published by supply chain participants, like software vendors, EPCs, equipment suppliers. A list of software providers can be viewed on the iRING Implementation Technologies page.

Our intention is to provide thought leading content and, as such, avoid publishing product or service specific material.

Some of the reference material offered here will link you to the vendors website and may require that you subscribe to obtain the material.

pdficon_small Interoperability between IFC’s (ISO 16739) and ISO 15926

White Paper: Adrian Laud, Noumenon Consulting Ltd.

This paper discusses how interoperability between building models using the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC’s) and process plant models using ISO 15926 can be achieved.

pdficon_small ISO 15926 Reference Data Engineering Methodology

White Paper: TechInvestLab

Informal description of reference data engineering methodology for beginners. Nevertheless, the text assumes at least superficial knowledge of the parts 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8 of ISO 15926, and knowledge of system engineering basic terminology (ISO 15288).


 Deploying ISO 15926 Today and Tomorrow

White Paper: Adrian Laud, Noumenon Consulting Ltd

Over 100 major commercial projects are using ISO 15926 to enable operations use of engineering information and exchange of design information between systems using XMpLant.

pdficon_small ISO15926 interoperability with Proteus and XMpLant

Presentation: Adrian Laud, Noumenon Consulting Ltd

Companies are using Proteus and XMpLant to provide operations with engineering information and exchange of design information between systems using ISO 15926.

pdficon_smallISO 15926 business value 

White Paper: Neil McPhater, Vendor, AVEVA Solutions Ltd.

This White Paper sets out to define and describe software interoperability within the context of the Plant, Marine and Building & Construction industries today and in the future. It identifies a long-term business trend and demonstrates how the cross-functional team acts as its ‘agent of change’. It outlines a business model which defines both interoperability value derived pragmatically today and the business mechanism for unlocking value tomorrow.

 ISO 15926 and Bentley OpenPlant

White Paper; Author: Monica Schnitger; Vendor: Bentley Systems

Bentley’s OpenPlant engineering and design solutions use ISO 15926 to capture, exchange, and present plant information throughout the design, construction, and handover processes. In this white paper, a number of users share their thoughts about OpenPlant, ISO 15926, and the benefits they hope to gain in their implementations.

pdficon_small ISO 15926 – Lifecycle Data for Process Plant

White Paper; Ken Adamson, Vendor, Bentley Systems

This white paper discusses the use cases and industry benefit of adopting ISO15926.

 Are you ready for ISO 15926? 

Presentation; Speaker:  Glen Worrall; Delivered at PCA Forum in 2010

Glenn addresses what you need to do, and the issues to consider, in order to interoperate with other companies and their systems who are requesting ISO 15926 deliverables.

 Dupont reinforces benefits of interoperability

Webinar; Speaker: Chris Schwander; Produced by Digital Plant in December 2011

This webinar, organized by Digital Plant and sponsored by Bentley, features Chris Schwander, leader of Enterprise Automation and Interoperability for DuPont Engineering’s, Capital Asset Productivity organization. Chris discusses DuPont’s vision of an integrated environment across all phases and processes of the capital project life cycle so that all information can be shared and available where and when needed. 

 OpenPlant PID and iRING Interoperability

Presentation; Speaker Rob Harper; Delivered at Bentley BeTogether 2011

OpenPlant PowerPID has been used within the iRING community, integrating with all of Bentley’s plant design tools as well as our competitors’ tools. In this video, you will learn about some new features, and how to make them work for you at your site.