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Here you will find downloads/links to public resources (primers, how-to guides, white papers, etc.) published in collaboration with industry associations, like Fiatech, POSC Caesar, iRING User Group and others.

Advancing Interoperability for the Capital Projects Industry: A Vision Paper

The industry’s collective vision of an integrated capital projects model is “information need only be entered into electronic systems once, and then it is available to all stakeholders instantaneously through information technology networks on an as-needed basis”.

This Fiatech Vision Paper presents an overview of current activities for advancing interoperability, and puts forward building blocks with calls-for-action to accelerate the advancement of interoperability to achieve a step change in value for the industry.

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NIST Interoperability Study

The study,  titled “Cost Analysis of Inadequate Interoperability in the U.S. Capital Facilities Industry”, was conducted by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). The The objective of this study is to identify and estimate the efficiency losses in the U.S. capital facilities industry resulting from inadequate interoperability. Based on interviews and survey responses, $15.8 billion in annual interoperability costs were quantified for the capital facilities industry in 2002.

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Introduction to ISO 15926

Published by Fiatech for its members, this ebook is ideal for managers and executives who are interested in the learning about of ISO 15926, the  value of information interoperability and specific steps that can be take to get started.

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Semantic Web for Dummies by Jeffrey T. Pollack

This book is written for savvy technologists and forward-thinking business people who want to see the whole Semantic Web picture. The book explores the social, consumer, business and purely technical impacts of the Semantic Web.

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Developing High Quality Data Models, by Matthew West

This book is written for a range of data modelers — those who understand the data modeling basics, but who are just starting to learn about data modeling in practice, and those more experienced modelers who want to expand their knowledge and skills and solve some of the more challenging problems that data modeling introduces.

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Links to Technical Resources

The ‘Beginners Guide to ISO 15926 Modeling’ is a work-in-progress document that provides the industry with a guide to ISO 15926 modeling suitable for Subject Matter Experts (SME) with little or no understanding of modeling concepts.

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ISO TC184/SC4 – The home of ISO 15926

Hans Teijgeler’s ISO 15926 Data Modeling Topics

ISO 15926 Primer – POSC Caesar

Semantic Web

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)