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ISO 15926 – A Decades-long Overnight Success

The Holy Grail in information exchange is that our machines know what our data means so that they can move it between business partners reliably without needing us to guide them. ISO 15926 has come a long way towards that goal by pushing the meaning of the data into the data itself instead of using AI […]

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What is in a name ?

With a multi-cultural gathering in Paris last week, it was interesting to note the subtle differences in sayings and cultures. Even though they were a few English people in attendance, the discussion was about how to make technology and technology forums inclusive and the requirement to make terms etc in an English terminology which is […]

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Semantic Days 2012 – May 8-10

As the volume of available information grows and technologies make it easier for us to extract and use  information outside its original context, information quality and management are vital to ensure correct interpretation and use. Semantic Days 2012 will highlight several different but equally important aspects needed to ensure Intelligent Information Management. With keynotes and […]

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Intelligent Information Management

Intelligent Information Management Disclaimer : the following is meant to be read in an engineering context without any philosophical consideration of privacy issues. “Intelligent Information Management” What does the above mean to you ?  When I first saw this, my immediate reaction was to question if the author meant Intelligent Information, which made me think […]

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