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iRing Tools Server Installation

During the recent Fiatech Members conference I was surprised at how many people had tried and failed to setup and configure the iRing Tools Server. While the latest version is 2.04 and the installation guide is still 2.03, there is still sufficient guidance to ensure a smooth installation. Or so I thought …. Having recently set up a 2.04 server […]

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What Are ISO 15926 Endpoints – Part 1

One question that came from my previous post, Understanding the ISO 15926 RDL, was “What is an endpoint?” The comparison I had made to a dictionary was understood, but “Is there more?”  Well, yes: Q.  What is an Endpoint? A.  An endpoint is just a place to store stuff, with the provision that ISO 15926 […]

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Understanding the ISO 15926 RDL

Understanding the ISO 15926 RDL

Information exchange with ISO 15926 uses a generic data model (which we call Part 2) that requires reference data (from Part 4) for it to make sense. For instance, one of the patterns in Part 2 is a generic pattern for a physical property. We use classes from Part 4 to make it a particular […]

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