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What’s the Difference Between iRING and iRING?

About a year ago a core group of proponents of ISO 15926 decided to adopt the brand name iRING to represent all things ISO 15926. So if your software or work processes or writing contains any quantum of ISO 15926 you could legitimately say “iRING Inside”. The feeling was that a bunch of random numbers was […]

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iRING unifies interoperability initiatives

Today PCA and Fiatech announced that they are using “iRING” as the unifying brand name to represent all ISO 15926 related initiatives to address the interoperability issues facing capital facilities industry.  The press release can be viewed <here>. Why consider a unifying brand name? The topic of a brand name for ISO 15926 is not a new thing. […]

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Welcome to iRINGToday.com

iRINGToday is an online community site dedicated to keeping the industry up-to-date and informed about the latest developments, news, and events surrounding ISO 15926 and iRING (ISO 15926 Realtime Network Interoperability Grid). iRINGToday site content is specifically geared toward a business audience and explores the business value that can be realized from industry-wide adoption of […]

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