Resource Center

Welcome to the iRINGToday resource center. We have scoured the industry for insightful information to help you better understand the problem the industry faces and the solutions that are available. In addition to the iRING FAQ (frequently asked questions) and the IRING Glossary of Terms, you will find references videos, white papers, research articles and references to published books. We have done our best to find information that is most appropriate for the business executive or manager.

We have also provided links to resources (white papers, recorded webinars, etc.) that were produced by software vendors to help educate the industry. Some of these include references to their products and services. iRINGToday is providing this these resources because we think they are valuable to the conversation and in no way should these references be considered an endorsement for their products or services.

The resource center is organized as follows:

  • Video Vault — References to recent videos (presentations, webcasts and podcasts) that discuss the issue of interoperability and approaches to addressing it with iRING and ISO15926.
  • Industry Research — Downloads/links to public resources (primers, how-to guides, white papers, etc.) published in collaboration with industry associations, like Fiatech, POSC Caesar and others.
  • Industry Collaboration — Descriptions and links to important industry consortium’s,associations and standards organizations collaborating on interoperability initiatives.
  • Vendor Zone — Downloads and links to resources published by supply chain participants, like software vendors, EPCs, equipment suppliers. A list of software providers can be viewed on the iRING Implementation Technologies page.

We are open to publishing research that benefits the industry from an awareness and educational perspective. Feel free to recommend research for consideration to the research department at