Remembering Adrian Laud

The industry lost a valuable contributor, colleague and visionary with Adrian Laud.

Adrian Laud

Adrian Laud

I consider it an honor and a great pleasure to have known and worked with Adrian. He had a vision for the future combined with energy and drive that was irresistible and contagious. He will be deeply missed by the industry and he will be very much missed by me and all that worked with him in Fiatech. – Ray Topping

Adrian received a Fiatech award at the European Summit for his “Leadership of Interoperability”. The following comments during the awards ceremony nicely describe Adrian’s contribution the the industry.

  • Adrian was involved with early development of industry data standards, including EPISTLE and STEP, and has continued to stay involved in industry projects throughout his career –always striving to further the advancement of standards.
  • During that time, Adrian and his company (Noumenon Consulting) have been consultants to most of the major industry software suppliers as well as many EPCs and Owner Operators.
  • Adrian has been an information management champion for the Fiatech Roadmap since its creation, and wrote much of tactical action plans which continue to be used today. He was been involved in many of the iRING industry projects including Proteus, Camelot, ADI –IDS and others. He was involved with many industry organizations in addition to Fiatech including PCA, MIMOSA, and BIM groups and activities as well.
  • Adrian lead the ISO 15926 Information Models and Proteus Mappings project, known as IIMM or Proteus 2; and was the co-lead of the Geometry SIG. He also played a key role leading harmonization of standards and driving consistency in several projects including Structural Steel Interoperability for the Building and Process Plant Industries (SSI), Exploring Piping Management through Project Information Flow (PIF), and OGI Pilot.
  • Adrian worked hard to deliver pragmatic solutions using innovative technology including iRING and the World Wide Web Consortium (XML, XGL and SVG)
  • Perhaps Adrian’s best gifts to industry are his calm manner, iso_cratequick wit, and wonderful humor particularly when tensions are high.

Adrian will be missed by the industry, colleagues and friends alike.

Rest in Peace.


5 Responses to Remembering Adrian Laud

  1. Robin Benjamins June 16, 2014 at 6:43 pm #

    The industry lost an important person and driver of interoperability with the passing of Adrian Laud. He was always full of energy, enthusiasm and helped the industry successfully coalesce on standards based interoperability. He will be sorely missed and I hope that we can all continue in his giant footsteps with his vision.

  2. Anne-Marie Walters June 17, 2014 at 3:38 pm #

    I have known Adrian since early PI-STEP and EPISTLE days. A true advocate of interoperability through ISO 15926. We will miss you Adrian.

  3. Erica Simmons June 25, 2014 at 5:00 pm #

    Here, here. This was a nice article on Adrian, Ray! I was saddened to hear of Adrian’s death. Although I only knew Adrian for a few years in interacting thru Fiatech, I too saw the twinkle in Adrian’s eye and I must concur that his spirit was irresistible. I found myself wanting to know more about what Adrian knew. It was great to be able to interact and hear his vision for interoprability and 15926. He will certainly be missed. Condolences to the Laud family. Adrian’s contribution’s to our industry have gone down in history!

  4. Rob Glasier July 10, 2014 at 7:51 pm #

    As I mentioned on another site, I have/had known Adrian since early POSC Caesar days, and always considered him a good friend. I was shocked when I first heard, well over a month ago now. Adrian and I had just been communicating on some “stuff”, that seems sort of irrelevant right now. I will miss him and his enthusiasm for almost anything. The industry will desperately miss him as a driver of commonality, which has made all of us better, even if we, especially us vendors, haven’t seemed to always appreciate it. But, I will just miss being to call him, and hear an always friendly, welcoming voice on the other end of the phone. God Speed, my friend…Rob

  5. Gord Rachar July 24, 2014 at 6:22 pm #

    I was saddened to hear a few weeks ago of Adrian’s passing. I’ve corresponded with him many times. Most of the time we were crossing swords over something I’d written about ISO 15926. I have great respect for his tenacity and clear thinking. He was always bringing us back to reality. “Yeah, but while you’re off developing all that fancy stuff, here’s what we can do now!” He leaves a great hole in ISO 15926.

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