Olympic hopes, realistic goals

As the world and especially London gear up for the Olympics in the coming weeks, I wonder what the aspirations of some of the competitors are.

While we see headline news of people  aiming for gold, there is only a single winner from the many competitors in the events.

All will have been training hard and will have timed their training to reach their peak at the Olympics while others have had events turn against them and seen their Olympic challenge curtailed due to external influences.

However, if we consider the infrastructure that will be left behind due to the London Olympics there is a considerable benefit to the inhabitants of London and the Stratford area in particular.  With not only an Olympic stadium which will be turned into a football stadium but also the infrastructure to support the influx of spectators,

However, I wonder what the hopes and aspirations of those competitors are who know they have little hope of winning Olympic gold.  Did they train any less than the medal hopefuls, or did they try harder.  Is it their goal to just run alongside the medal hopefuls, or indeed while the track and field events may have their favourites there are many more sports where “unexpected” winners are announced.

When considering an interoperability problem, we may all want to solve our own problems, but perhaps, we should look to the gold medal standard and learn from their methodologies.

We all have interoperability problems, we all have our views on how to resolve them.  Hopefully we can submit our projects and solutions to the world via the reference data library and let our peers decide what is gold standard.  However, that does not mean we should not respect all projects.  An Olympic hopeful will have worked just as hard to be knocked out at the first heat.  There are thousands of competitors (Team GB has 542 members) and just to be selected as an Olympian is a magnificent effort, involving the decision to aim for the best.

This blog is not about asking you to become a gold medal winner, this is not about becoming an Olympian, but recognise that for there to be a gold medallist there has to be competitors who may do things differently or just may not have the support to make them gold standard.  However, they will still have their supporters and their own infrastructure which makes the whole event interesting.

Take a look around your project data flows.  What would you consider to be gold standard, and what should be shown to the world.  If it cannot be shown to the world, then why is it being done.  We should all be looking to interoperability and ISO 15926 as the gold standard, but if there are workflows which have a business benefit and are built on global standards, then why not register them with the Fiatech PIF project or document a short workflow here.

Whoever you are supporting this summer (or indeed for the Southern hemisphere readers … winter), may they return home safely and without trench foot.

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