Newsletter – September 2012

Industry awareness continues to grow and there is a real sense that iRING has reached a level of maturity to support the industry’s interoperability issues. There are more requests for education and training and new implementation projects in the works.

There is a sense of clarity and convergence taking place in the industry. We are sensing that the industry is nearing a tipping point. The level of activity and interest is markedly up and level of confidence in the technical maturity of the tools and reference data has reached a point that is driving demand for training and implementation expertise.

Finally, since launching iRINGToday in February we have seen momentum and interest continue to grow. New experts are coming on-board to contribute content to the site and we have had a constant flow of new subscribers. Here are the few of the most popular posts.

Popular Posts

What Are ISO 15926 Endpoints – Part 1 - By Gord Rachar

For the purposes of a gentle introduction here, you can think of an endpoint as the electronic equivalent of a physical dictionary sitting on a shelf at a particular location. A physical dictionary will be a particular edition published by a particular organization.
The location it is sitting at is unique in the world. When we (people) refer to such a dictionary in conversation [..]

What Are ISO 15926 Endpoints – Part 2- By Gord Rachar
In our previous post, What Are Endpoints – Part 1, we said that endpoints are simply places to store stuff in a way that ISO 15926 tools can query and get a response. This is a good enough explanation for an introductory level, but if you intend to implement ISO 15926 in the real world you will be building endpoints and will need a more complete explanation. [...]

iRING in the Real World – By Dale Williams
As a relative newcomer to the iRING and ISO 15926 world, I think we appear to be on the cusp of achieving something quite incredible. Potentially being able to successfully address the age old interoperability problem of defining, sharing and reusing application data and information with all stakeholders – regardless of their respective role, authoring applications, location, or business vertical – they all have a vested interest in the efficient and timely exchange of data and contextual information. [...]

Template Pattern Mapping Will Enable Easier Use of ISO 15926 – By Gord Rachar
The iRING User Group has released a new iRINGTools DataLayer for Bentley’s eB Insight asset lifecycle information management system.  The version of this release is 1.0.0 and, like all other iRINGTools products, the eB Insight DataLayer is BSD 3 license open source software.  You can download the eB Insight DataLayer at This version of the eB [...]

Featured Video

Lifecycle Information Management: An Industry Perspective
- by Geir Ramleth, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Bechtel

From the ARC Industry Forum, Geir’s provides an EPC perspective and executive level view of the problem and offers definitive steps on how the industry should move forward.

Part 1: Interoperability challenges from an EPC perspective. (12:10 minutes)

Part 2: Why and how the industry should collaborate. (11:35 minutes)

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