Newsletter – May 2012

This is our first eNewsletter. We hope to publish a couple of times a year, more frequently if we have relevant news to share.

Industry awareness continues to grow and there is a real sense that iRING (reference data and implementation technologies) has reached a level of maturity to support the industry’s interoperability issues. There are more requests for education and training and new implementation projects in the works.

There is a sense of clarity and convergence taking place in the industry. Here is what we are hearing from people who attended the PCA forum in Houston in late February and the Fiatech event in Miami in April.

  • “iRING” is emerging as the unifying name for the vendor-and-implementation-neutral capabilities based on ISO 15926 — encompassing both the JORD project and various implementation solutions available today by various software vendors and open source user groups.
  • “JORD” (Joint Operational Reference Data) is recognized as the name for the 3-year project to create the operational deliverables to sustain reference data services and provide validation and certification of content and products compliant with ISO15926.
  • Mapping Methodology and Tools to acheive compliant use of iRING (ISO15926) Reference Data across JORD and the ISO 15926 Information Patterns (IIP) project are converging with active participation of special interest groups (SIGs) within PCA, MIMOSA Open O&M and Fiatech.

Bottom line: We are sensing that the industry is nearing a tipping point. The level of activity and interest is markedly up and level of confidence in the technical maturity of the tools and reference data has reached a point that is driving demand for training and implementation expertise.

Finally, since launching iRINGToday in February we have seen momentum and interest continue to grow. New experts are coming on-board to contribute content to the site and we have had a constant flow of new subscribers. Here are the few of the most popular posts.

Popular Posts

What’s in a name? – By Glen Worrall

What’s in a name? The recent press releases of the versions of Windows, created some publicity, and I am not sure it is all good. Certainly in the minds of the “casual” user, there will be some confusion with the Windows RT version compared to the Windows version. The concern of some is how this [...]

iRINGTools Interfacing Project (IIP) simplifies use of ISO 15926 – By Robin Benjamins

Fiatech’s “iRINGTools Interfacing Project” (IIP) is going to rename itself to the “ISO 15926 Information Patterns” (IIP) project. This name change is to reflect the shift of emphasis from iRINGTools “Data Layer” production to the more the widely used ISO 15926 Template Information Patterns (TIPs). About the IIP Project The project was established to provide [...]

iRINGTools DataLayer for Bentley eB Insight is Now Available – By Robin Benjamins

The iRING User Group has released a new iRINGTools DataLayer for Bentley’s eB Insight asset lifecycle information management system. The version of this release is 1.0.0 and, like all other iRINGTools products, the eB Insight DataLayer is BSD 3 license open source software. You can download the eB Insight DataLayer at This version of the eB [...]

Interview with Frank Matthewson of Bechtel – By Rick Berzle

We recently conducted a brief interview with Frank Matthewson, Corporate Engineering and Technology Engineering Manager at Bechtel Corporation, to better understand how Bechtel is using ISO 15926 and iRING. Tell us a bit about Bechtel Corporation Matthewson: Bechtel is a privately owned EPC company with headquarters in San Francisco. We have offices around the world and approximately [...]

Mind The Gap – By Glen Worrall

With current activities based around London, I read a recent article about how much house prices had increased related to their relationship to different tube lines. (1) The headline of the article was that houses linked to the Bakerloo line had had the greatest increase over the past 10 years. Of course [...]

Featured Vodcast

The Interoperability Myth – By Robin Benjamins

Robin Benjamins, Corporate Engineering Automation Manager at Bechtel, discusses the myths about data/information interoperability among in the capital projects industry. He points out that the industry has been inter-operating for decades, but the cost of interoperability (information exchange) is too high! (6:22 minutes).

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