New release of iRINGTools now available

The iRING User Group has announced the availability of an update to iRINGTools, the open source software created to provide users with a deployable implementation of ISO 15926 services.With iRINGTools you can browse and extend ISO 15926 reference data, map an application schema to the ISO 15926 reference data, transform an application’s data into an ISO 15926 representation, and exchange data between other iRING implementations that support ISO 15926 protocols.

The main driver for the new release is to provide more support for creating API’s from an application schema, and implementing standard web protocols beyond ISO 15926. This allows iRINGTools to be used in cases where the benefits of ISO 15926 are not required or understood. The API enhancements, and additional protocol support, provides greater capability to connect with more diverse systems, typical of APIs for vendors such as Netflix, Google and Twitter.

There are also some new data service enhancements to support both ISO 15926 and general API usage of iRINGTools.  Some of these specific enhancements include support for:

In addition to the new enhancements, the new release includes bug fixes and improves data exchange performance.

Why is this new release important?

  1. Support for API initiatives allows iRINGTools to be used in cases where ISO 15926 is not initially needed, but also positions them to discover and exploit ISO 15926 once they are ready.
  2. For ISO 15926 users, the bug fixes and the new performance enhancements reduce risk.
  3. Finally, support for general API initiatives helps widen the adoption of iRING.

iRINGTools can perform these functions via the following packages:

  • iRINGTools-Adapter: the adapter services and adapter manager user interface
  • iRINGTools-Core: core services and the exchange manager user interface

The iRINGTools services and applications can be evaluated at the iRINGTools Showroom.


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