Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap

With current activities based around London, I read a recent article about how much house prices had increased related to their relationship to different tube lines. (1)

The headline of the article was that houses linked to the Bakerloo line had had the greatest increase over the past 10 years.  Of course there had been other increases, but a headline figure of over 100% made this interesting.  One should note that over the same period house prices throughout the country no doubt had similar increases, but here was a study which indicated that the increase was specific to its location relative to a specific underground line.

When I looked at the Bakerloo line it became apparent to me, why the Bakerloo line would see the greatest increase.  Of all of the underground lines, this was a line which intersected nearly every other underground line.  So with possibly a single change you could potentially get anywhere in London.  I also remember being told when travelling from Kings Cross to Waterloo to take the Bakerloo line to Baker Street and change there as this was the simplest change.

So …. What has this to do with ISO 15926.  Well hopefully quicker than 10 years I would expect our investment in ISO 15926 to increase more than the 100% witnessed by house prices.  Here is a technology that not only intersects every lifecycle phase, but potentially can be associated with every data interchange on a project.  The Fiatech Project Information Flow project is looking at documenting workflows that can be significantly impacted by ISO 15926 working practices.  The Hookup example expands to explain that there are multiple touch points in a very simple example such as this.

So just like the Bakerloo line intersects with the greatest number of underground lines, so ISO 15926 can interact with the greatest number of lifecycle workflows.

We are not quite at the ground floor, but we are starting to see the emergence of technologies that enable benefits to be obtained from our investment in ISO 15926.  Where will you start your ISO 15926 journey ?

(1) http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/london/mind-the-property-price-gap-what-londoners-pay-to-be-near-the-tube-7657366.html


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