JORD – What Next?

My goal is to be transparent about our plans and progress to make the PCA Reference Data Services an enterprise quality resource the industry can rely upon, not just for content and availability, but as an entire ecosystem with supporting processes.

JORD Diagram

To that end, let me share a bit of an update since joining the group.

First, to get reacquainted with many of the sponsors and their goals I spent the beginning of September in Oslo, Norway with the PCA staff, and the beginning of October in Boulder, Colorado at the FIATECH member’s meeting.

We have agreed to a few important near-term milestones:

  1. establishing a concrete outline of the shape and operations of the long-term RDS organization
  2. evaluating external service engagements for several different areas of the organization
  3. setting up a training programme (naturally, using the results of the templates survey as input)

Along the way, I will continue to reach-out to each of the sponsors/stakeholders to determine their specific needs and requirements, and will establish a two-way dialogue on project sequencing and priorities.

I see my role here partly as being able to create a cohesive picture that accommodates the core needs, but more than that, communicates the constraints and inter-dependencies, building a shared understanding.

Everyone brings a different perspective to what we’re trying to achieve, I am hopeful that this approach will help all of us better understand what we need to focus on now and prepare for later.

I intend to have an open conversation on, so comments and questions are welcomed and encouraged.

Until next time, Julian Bourne.

P.S. Many thanks to Rick for the post introducing me to the iRINGToday community.


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