New JORD Leadership

Julian M.N. Bourne has been announced as the lead for JORD Scope D, responsible for defining and building a self-sustaining organizational entity for the RDS and all of its supporting activities.

Julian has over two decades of experience jbourne-01in software engineering and product management in the enterprise information technology sector and in July rejoined the iRING community with a consulting role in JORD, after a 4 year hiatus. Involved in ISO15926 since 2006, especially in the technology definition, service provisioning and business abstraction areas, Julian is known for building inertia in the implementation community and delivering pragmatic and durable solutions.

Julian reports to the JORD co-managers, Nils Sandsmark (General Manager of PCA) and Ray Topping (Director of FIATECH).

Asked about Scope D, Julian said:

 Scope D deals with ensuring the whole RDS and everything around it is financially sound (self-sustaining) in perpetuity, satisfying the very diverse stakeholder needs and maintaining the extremely high standards and credibility of the RDL. Balancing the various tensions behind all this is incredibly challenging, but also really rewarding when we get it right.

Asked what he sees as the challenges:

The approach I am taking to this is to map out the interests of all the parties involved and build collective understanding about the direction we’re taking to address those interests. There will be a lot of information passed up to the sponsors throughout the process, and we will be expecting their engagement and feedback. We’ll be applying adaptive planning methodologies to analyse, sequence and schedule the deliverables, since there is so much to this initiative that hinges on consensus and development.


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  1. Jeff Bonnell October 29, 2013 at 7:08 pm #

    Congratulations Julian on your new role

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