iRINGTools DataLayer for Bentley eB Insight is now available

The iRING User Group has released a new iRINGTools DataLayer for Bentley’s eB Insight asset lifecycle information management system.  The version of this release is 1.0.0 and, like all other iRINGTools products, the eB Insight DataLayer is BSD 3 license open source software.  You can download the eB Insight DataLayer at

This version of the eB Insight DataLayer supports the reading and writing of eB Insight document metadata and reading and writing of eB Insight tagged item data.  The next version, already underway, will include the ability to read and write document content and should be released by the end of May 2012.

Like other iRINGTools DataLayers, the downloaded zip file is installed in the iRINGTools Adapter Service and is configured via the iRINGTools Adapter Manager.  An important feature of the eB Insight DataLayer design is that it’s configuration is data driven from the eB Insight class library.  As you make changes or additions to eB Insight classes, the eB Insight DataLayer will detect this and expose these changes to the Adapter Service for read write.

The eB DataLayer is now the fourth iRINGTools DataLayer to become available with more expected to arrive throughout this year.  The DataLayers available now are:

  • NHibernate (default DataLayer)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • SQL Database (Optimized for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle)
  • Bentley eB Insight

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  1. Pankaj Singh July 9, 2014 at 11:00 am #

    Do we required eB installation on machine before deploying this data layer in iRING?
    Does this support iRING caching facility?

    Pankaj Singh

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