iRing Tools Server Installation

During the recent Fiatech Members conference I was surprised at how many people had tried and failed to setup and configure the iRing Tools Server.

While the latest version is 2.04 and the installation guide is still 2.03, there is still sufficient guidance to ensure a smooth installation.

Or so I thought …. Having recently set up a 2.04 server on a clean Windows 2008 Server and connected this to an eB instance for some testing, this went smoothly and I basically followed the installation guide, but did need to do some minor changes to the eB Datalayer to connect this to the latest version of eB.

However, I then needed to upgrade the Bentley only to find that while the majority of the functionality was working certain parts were not.

This seemed to be related to the server and the configuration of IIS 7.0

With the assistance of the iRing Tools Community we established what it was not, but we had to try a lot of “solutions” via google, before finally we determined that SP2 and security were the main cause of the issue.

Now having stood up the iRing Tools Server quite a few times, and used them on a few different projects, it was frustrating that one server installed and was up and running by simply following the installation procedure and yet the server that had been up and running could not be upgraded.

However, it was only that a minor frustration, within 24 hours the community had delivered enough to ensure we were up and running.  The server is not a simple application where you can click install and let it run.  This is a server which will be servicing a projects or enterprises needs and as such there should be an expectation that this will need configuration to suit a user’s server environment.

What was also interesting was that the step to ensure the Apache Services are running, are actually not needed, so you do not need to expose the Apache Services for a successful implementation.

There are still some missing items, the Reference Data Editor which was great to walk new users through the Reference Data Library, is missing and I suppose I should plug in the dot15926 Editor to see if this has the same functionality.

For now, the thought of a new user adding items to their RDL and adding classifications, using the spreadsheet, will not work, and I cannot introduce new users to the RDL using that technique.

I ask the question of the iRing community … what are you using to view and browse your RDL today?

I will be following this blog up with how I managed to edit the RDL, but for now, try the install on a clean Windows 2008 R2 server, and you should have no issues.  If you do, then ensure they are logged so we can all learn and move forward with our iRing projects.


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  1. Bjorn G November 9, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

    Interesting to read that more than I have had some issues on the installation!

    My headache is directed to the issue of addressing a SQL-server. The installation seems fully designed to work towards a SQL Express on the actual machine where you install iRing, but I want to address a “real” SQL-server, with real data. And this fails…. (issue with how to set instance name)

    I’ve had some contact with great guys in the community (Bechtel guys), but still we struggle with this.

    Glenn – did you get this to work? I mean, to non-SQL-express db?

  2. Glen Worrall November 9, 2012 at 12:48 pm #

    Hi Bjorn,
    From what I remember … the issue was not with setting the SQL Instance name, but installing all of the ancillary files that were not installed with the SQL Instance …

    However, I could connect to a real SQL Server (with the iRing Tools servers I have behind our firewall connecting to the servers located there).

    However, I have no SQL Server which is exposed to the server

    I remember the issue was not the instance, but the fact I had to map to a table when in reality I wanted to map to a view.

    Which version of iRing Tools are you using … could be I can use one of the servers I do not have exposed to test this for you.

    • Bjorn G November 9, 2012 at 1:31 pm #


      I started my tests in June, and then I installed 2.3 (or is it 2.03..?). Here the issue came up. I did get help from Bechtel people in both US and India, and the conclusion was (as I got it) that some code needed to be adjusted.

      Then some months later I picked up the matter again. Then noted that there were a newer version (2.4) which I installed ontop of 2.3 (got help from Bechtel India). This seems to have worked, since the web interface reports new version numbers.

      But my issue remains – cannot connect to my real SQL (a 2005). The issue is that the setup in iRing requires an instance name to be given, and whatever I set here it does not connect to my db. After some browsing on the net I’ve learned that a SQL-server installation gets default name MSSQLSERVER if no other name is chosen. But I’ve tried all variants of syntaxes, none works.

      This is too bad, because we’re now starting a real project where we would like to transport data via iRing, just to learn. This is an OpenPlant project (3D), so we would of course like to see Bentley fixing a connector to that too! :-)



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