iRING and ISO 15926 sessions at Fiatech 2012

The Fiatech Technology Conference & Showcase, held April 2-4 in Miami, is featuring a number of workshops and sessions to discuss industry progress and best practice use of iRING and ISO 15926.

For your convenience, we have taken the time to highlight some of the session abstracts and featured speakers.

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Monday, April 2nd

iRING Implementation Workshop
Robin Benjamins, Bechtel

During this training session, attendees will learn how to implement and use the ISO 15926 standard via iRING. The session will cover an overview of various implementation, configuration, and deployment options. The session will end with a demonstration of live data exchanges with ISO 15926 mappings derived from Fiatech’s iRINGTools Interfacing Project (IIP). If you want to learn about how to use ISO 15926 for data exchanges, this workshop is for you.

AiRE: Meeting Interoperability Needs of Nuclear Power Plant Designer Using Real-Time Interoperability Environment
Dehainsala Hondjack, R&D Engineer, AREVA;
James Newman, Manager, Process Methods & Tools, AREVA

AREVA will provide an introduction to its real-time interoperability environment AiRE, with a focus on implementing ISO15926 for exchange of information. This environment has been developed to meet the needs of AREVA for supporting interoperability concerns related to exchange of information horizontally and vertically across internal and external platforms. The environment is based on a standard web semantic platform and is capable of expanding its functionalities to communicate with a large panel of products and standards (AEX/IFC/PLMXML,etc.). The presentation will provide the business case behind the development, an overview of the environment and future development plans, and highlight key important issues from AREVA’s perspective which Fiatech’s initiatives can help solve.

Tuesday, April 3

Project Information Flows
Chehade Kassouf, Manager Technical Marketing, Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC)

This presentation will take a use case where the piping isometric used for construction is being tracked from cradle to grave. This will demonstrate interoperability using the ISO 15926 standard, modeling between the design system, construction detailing system, scheduling, 3D viewing and document management.

Enhanced ISO 15926 Interoperability Workflows Implementing IIP Information Requirements
Manoj Dharwadkar, Director, Product Management, Bentley Systems
Rob Brawn, Director, Project Delivery Group, CH2MHILL

This session will present latest ISO 15926 interoperability workflows being implemented in commercial products and how CH2MHILL and Bentley are working together to enhance their current interoperability solution taking advantage of the latest deliverables available from the global collaboration between many other active ISO 15926 implementers. The audience will understand the benefits the latest standardized ISO 15926 protocols and reference data brings to their organization and how iRING implementations can assist them in enhancing value by overcoming the interoperability challenge they are facing today.

Streamlining Use of ISO 15926 Reference Data – The JORD Project Delivers
Ian Glendinning, Proprietor/Consultant, GlencoIS

We are awaiting the details for the session from Ian, but we are pretty safe in saying that the session will provide an update on the progress and next steps with the JORD (Joint Operational Reference Data) project. As you are probably aware, the JORD project is a collaboration between PCA (POSC Caesar Association) and Fiatech to create a stable, scalable, and commercially sustainable operation of core ISO 15926 reference data and services.

Asset Data Exchange Using ISO 15926
Lars von Wedel, Bayer Technology Services

Data exchange among different disciplines and companies during plant design, construction, and operation is often considered a barrier for a smooth and efficient project execution. Contractors and operating companies are becoming more and more interested in standardized solutions due to economic pressure and increasingly global partnerships. This contribution presents an initiative started by the three chemical operating companies BASF, Evonik, and Bayer that aims at a pragmatic realization of data exchange for equipment specifications using ISO 15926. The presentation discusses the current status of the initiative, experiences gained from an application of ISO 15926 and the results of the case study in which ISO 15926 has been realized in commercial tools for computer-aided engineering.

ISO 15926 Deployment on Major Projects
Adrian Laud, Managing Director, Noumenon Consulting
Zuhair Haddad, CIO Corporate Assets and Risk Management, CCC

This presentation covers major projects in Oil and Gas and Nuclear industries where ISO 15926 is being deployed to provide information flow and management across the life cycle. The scope covers the full intelligent design information for all disciplines, including geometry, being passed from Design to Construction, Commissioning and handover to Operations and Maintenance in managed environments.

Wednesday, April 4th

Interoperability – The Interoperability of PIM and BIM Data Standards
Moderator: Dr. Arto Kiviniemi, Professor, University of Salford

Integrating Building and Process Information Using ISO 15926 and IFCs
Rayan Jreije, Software Development Manager, CCC

The shared understanding about the project deliverables and their status at each point of time, and the availability of the right revision of input data for each party in the project are key success factors in a capital investment project. The Building Information Model (BIM) has proven to be an invaluable tool in construction projects to mediate information in the value network. The ISO 15926 has brought about great benefits in the lifecycle data management of process plants. As most process installations are located inside a building, the idea of integrating these models can be seen very feasible. This presentation demonstrates the benefits of integrating the building information model, the 3D process model and the process and instrumentation diagram data together with the attribute data of process equipment and piping components. The integration is accomplished using the Sefram open source data exchange platform with a schema based on XMpLant and IFC, and adapters to commercial engineering software.

Interoperability – Life Cycle Data Management
Moderator: Gary Barnes, Manager of Application Services, Bechtel

An ISO 15926 / iRING Solution to EPCM Master Data Management at Hatch with Daryl Ofstie, Global Discipline Director, Hatch

Today’s massive construction projects demand rigorous management to ensure all phases of the project’s scope, progress and delivery are effectively controlled, measured and reported. This requires strict definition and consistency of work breakdown, asset and package structures across the many systems in use by the home office, suppliers, fabricators and the field. As a key contributor to the iRINGTools development program to deliver an industry interoperability solution, Hatch is deploying their first practical application – a Master Data Management (MDM) solution leveraging ISO15926 Reference Data Library to meet project MDM requirements, to the development of an ISO15926 triple-store repository and iRING endpoints for each system, and the customization of a dynamic user interface for management of common data. This Hatch interoperability solution reduces project setup time and improves quality by ensuring project control structures are synchronized at all time and across the many diverse systems used by engineering, procurement and construction. Scope change alterations or supply chain deviations are simultaneously propagated to each project system, enabling single-point management of change and providing rapid notification to all impacted team members. By adopting the ISO15926 / iRING standard, Hatch is able to extend this capability to ensure master data is maintained with supplier, fabricator, constructor and JV partner or owner/operator systems as applicable.

Thursday, April 5th

Post Conference Workshop

8:00-5:30 – iRINGTools Interfacing Project (IIP): Reference Data Workshop
Robin Benjamins, Bechtel

This hands-on workshop will progress the consensus set of ISO 15926 reference data mappings for P&ID requirements. The session will cover training topics for subject matter experts’ usage patterns of ISO 15926 templates and classes. The session will also feature examples of IIP mappings that will be put into practice as demonstration data exchanges. If you want to learn about ISO 15926 reference data and put it into practice, this workshop is for you.

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