Fiatech Adopts 3-Year Strategic Plan

The Fiatech has published a three-year Strategic Plan to enhance global development and adoption of innovative practices and technologies for capital facilities.fiatech 3-yr plan

Led by retired Dow executive Jerry Gipson, the Strategic Direction Committee included representatives from owners, manufacturers, AEC firms, and academic institutions headquartered in nations around the world.

Executing the plan will ensure that Fiatech:

  1. Develops and implements continued scanning, identification and promotion of industry leading technology-based solutions and innovative practices
  2. Develops and conveys compelling value propositions
  3. Implements a robust business model
  4. Applies the business model to the entire project portfolio
  5. Strengthens and diversifies membership

A copy of the Fiatech Three-Year Strategic Plan and information on the benefits of participating in Fiatech are available on the website at

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