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Best data integration technology

I would like to call your attention to a presentation by, Anatoly Levenchuk, president of TechInvestLab, given at the NING Oil & Gas Conference on April 29, 2013 in Moscow. Anatoly discusses why iRING/ISO 15926 technology is the best data integration solution for the oil and gas industry.  

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What’s the Difference Between iRING and iRING?

About a year ago a core group of proponents of ISO 15926 decided to adopt the brand name iRING to represent all things ISO 15926. So if your software or work processes or writing contains any quantum of ISO 15926 you could legitimately say “iRING Inside”. The feeling was that a bunch of random numbers was […]

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iRing Tools Server Installation

During the recent Fiatech Members conference I was surprised at how many people had tried and failed to setup and configure the iRing Tools Server. While the latest version is 2.04 and the installation guide is still 2.03, there is still sufficient guidance to ensure a smooth installation. Or so I thought …. Having recently set up a 2.04 server […]

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What Are ISO 15926 Endpoints – Part 1

One question that came from my previous post, Understanding the ISO 15926 RDL, was “What is an endpoint?” The comparison I had made to a dictionary was understood, but “Is there more?”  Well, yes: Q.  What is an Endpoint? A.  An endpoint is just a place to store stuff, with the provision that ISO 15926 […]

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How long is a piece of string ?

I was asked recently about how long it would take to develop a Reference Data Library. One answer I have heard is forever, but of course another answer is immediately (or as long as it takes to deploy an iRingTools Server). Both answers are correct, but neither is very helpful. Indeed, there is a Reference […]

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iRINGTools DataLayer for Bentley eB Insight is now available

The iRING User Group has released a new iRINGTools DataLayer for Bentley’s eB Insight asset lifecycle information management system.  The version of this release is 1.0.0 and, like all other iRINGTools products, the eB Insight DataLayer is BSD 3 license open source software.  You can download the eB Insight DataLayer at This version of the eB […]

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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? The recent press releases of the versions of Windows, created some publicity, and I am not sure it is all good.  Certainly in the minds of the “casual” user, there will be some confusion with the Windows RT version compared to the Windows version. The concern of some is how this […]

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iRINGTools Interfacing Project (IIP) simplifies use of ISO 15926

Fiatech’s “iRINGTools Interfacing Project” (IIP) is going to rename itself to the “ISO 15926 Information Patterns” (IIP) project.  This name change is to reflect the shift of emphasis from iRINGTools “Data Layer” production to the more the widely used ISO 15926 Template Information Patterns (TIPs). About the IIP Project The project was established to provide […]

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New release of iRINGTools now available

The iRING User Group has announced the availability of an update to iRINGTools, the open source software created to provide users with a deployable implementation of ISO 15926 services.With iRINGTools you can browse and extend ISO 15926 reference data, map an application schema to the ISO 15926 reference data, transform an application’s data into an […]

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