BIM+iRING (1+1=3)

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a conceptual idea that is well understood at the executive level. It enables the visualization of engineered assets in 3D, as well as 4D (schedule), 5D (cost), nD (safety, constructability, augmented reality, etc) and supports information sharing amongst the shareholders – engineering, procurement, construction and operations and maintenance – along […]

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OGI Pilot Demonstrates Standards-Based Handover and Provisioning

On September 25, 2012, at the ISA Automation conference in Orlando, we witnessed a demonstration of the Oil & Gas Interoperability Pilot (OGI Pilot), the most significant information exchange project to date in the capital projects industry. Here we will describe what happened during the demonstration and give you a peek under the hood at […]

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Fiatech Event Calendar

Save These Dates For Upcoming Fiatech Events October 7-9, 2013 – Members Meeting at the St. Julien Hotel & Spa in Boulder, Colorado (registration will open end of July) November 11-13, 2013 – Europe & Middle East Meeting, in conjunction with SPAR Europe, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands March 31-April 3, 2014 – Technology Conference & Showcase at the […]

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Interoperability Vision Paper

Fiatech’s Vision Paper, “Advancing Interoperability for the Capital Projects Industry”, is a must-read for management with a mandate to address the interoperability challenges for their company and partners. To reiterate the industry’s collective vision of an integrated capital projects model:  “information need only be entered into electronic systems once, and then it is available to […]

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What’s the Difference between XMpLant and Proteus?

We have mentioned several times in our writing, the names XMpLant, XMpLant Schema, Proteus, and Proteus Schema as if everyone understood what they are. But some folks have had questions so we will shed a bit of light on the subject. Short Answer XMpLant: A brand name owned by Noumenon Consulting out of the UK. XMpLant […]

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2013 Asia and Australia PCA Forum

The 2013 Asia and Australia PCA Forum and Members meeting will be held on the 21st and 22nd Oct 2013 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Asia and Australia PCA Forum and Members meeting will feature presentations and discussion from Owner/Operators, EPC Companies, Standard Bodies & Representatives, Software Vendors, System Integrators, Business […]

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Best data integration technology

I would like to call your attention to a presentation by, Anatoly Levenchuk, president of TechInvestLab, given at the NING Oil & Gas Conference on April 29, 2013 in Moscow. Anatoly discusses why iRING/ISO 15926 technology is the best data integration solution for the oil and gas industry.  

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What’s the Difference Between iRING and iRING?

About a year ago a core group of proponents of ISO 15926 decided to adopt the brand name iRING to represent all things ISO 15926. So if your software or work processes or writing contains any quantum of ISO 15926 you could legitimately say “iRING Inside”. The feeling was that a bunch of random numbers was […]

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iRING and BIM – What a team.

BIM is an idea. Yes there are specific standards and guidelines that cover different aspects of it – PAS, IFC, CoBie and many more (I’m not the expert here) – but mainly, it’s an idea. BIM is a great idea. The idea that the whole business lifecycle for any built-environment engineered-asset, should work collaboratively around […]

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JORD Phase 1 Complete

The JORD (Joint Operational Reference Data) Project – PCA in partnership with Fiatech – kicked-off in May 2011 on phase 1 of a 3 year project to deliver a scalable & sustainable enhanced PCA RDS (Reference Data Service) Operations within 5 years. We are proud to announce that Phase 1 of the project completed in 2012. In Phase 1 […]

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