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Rick Berzle was the editor-in-chief of iRINGToday.com, a community site designed to educate management on the challenges and solutions to address the high cost of interoperability across the capital facilities supply chain.
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Best data integration technology

I would like to call your attention to a presentation by, Anatoly Levenchuk, president of TechInvestLab, given at the NING Oil & Gas Conference on April 29, 2013 in Moscow. Anatoly discusses why iRING/ISO 15926 technology is the best data integration solution for the oil and gas industry.  

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Fiatech Technology Conference – March 25-27

Fiatech’s Technology Conference & Showcase is held each spring and is open to the public. The 2013 event will take place March 25-27 at the J.W. Marriott San Antonio in Texas. Tom Hannigan, President, Zachry Nuclear will serve as chair and Barbara Migl, Engineering Information Management Technology Leader, The Dow Chemical Company will serve as […]

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Geometry Exchange – Open-for-Comment

Post note: This post is for a technical audience. The PCA Geometry Special Interest Group (SIG) team has released draft documents that provide the details of the ISO 15926 Part 7 Templates to be used for Geometry exchange. The initial focus is on 2D geometry. The Geometry SIG team is seeking comment from the broader […]

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iRING unifies interoperability initiatives

Today PCA and Fiatech announced that they are using “iRING” as the unifying brand name to represent all ISO 15926 related initiatives to address the interoperability issues facing capital facilities industry.  The press release can be viewed <here>. Why consider a unifying brand name? The topic of a brand name for ISO 15926 is not a new thing. […]

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Fiatech Member Meeting – Oct 15-17

The next Fiatech Member Meeting is taking place October 15 – 17 in my favorite city, San Diego, CA.  

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Semantic Days 2012 – May 8-10

As the volume of available information grows and technologies make it easier for us to extract and use  information outside its original context, information quality and management are vital to ensure correct interpretation and use. Semantic Days 2012 will highlight several different but equally important aspects needed to ensure Intelligent Information Management. With keynotes and […]

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Interview with Frank Matthewson of Bechtel

We recently conducted a brief interview with Frank Matthewson, Corporate Engineering and Technology Engineering Manager at Bechtel Corporation, to better understand how Bechtel is using ISO 15926 and iRING. Tell us a bit about Bechtel Corporation Matthewson: Bechtel is a privately owned EPC company with headquarters in San Francisco.  We have offices around the world and approximately […]

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iRING and ISO 15926 sessions at Fiatech 2012

The Fiatech Technology Conference & Showcase, held April 2-4 in Miami, is featuring a number of workshops and sessions to discuss industry progress and best practice use of iRING and ISO 15926. For your convenience, we have taken the time to highlight some of the session abstracts and featured speakers. To learn more about the […]

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New release of iRINGTools now available

The iRING User Group has announced the availability of an update to iRINGTools, the open source software created to provide users with a deployable implementation of ISO 15926 services.With iRINGTools you can browse and extend ISO 15926 reference data, map an application schema to the ISO 15926 reference data, transform an application’s data into an […]

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Fiatech Interoperability Vision

Fiatech just released the “Interoperability Vision Paper” for the capital projects industry. The Vision Paper presents an overview of current activities for advancing interoperability, and puts forward building blocks with calls for action to accelerate advancement of interoperability to achieve step change value gains in the industry. The paper presents four building blocks necessary for […]

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