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iRing Tools Server Installation

During the recent Fiatech Members conference I was surprised at how many people had tried and failed to setup and configure the iRing Tools Server. While the latest version is 2.04 and the installation guide is still 2.03, there is still sufficient guidance to ensure a smooth installation. Or so I thought …. Having recently set up a 2.04 server […]

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What is in a name ?

With a multi-cultural gathering in Paris last week, it was interesting to note the subtle differences in sayings and cultures. Even though they were a few English people in attendance, the discussion was about how to make technology and technology forums inclusive and the requirement to make terms etc in an English terminology which is […]

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Olympic hopes, realistic goals

As the world and especially London gear up for the Olympics in the coming weeks, I wonder what the aspirations of some of the competitors are. While we see headline news of people  aiming for gold, there is only a single winner from the many competitors in the events. All will have been training hard […]

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How long is a piece of string ?

I was asked recently about how long it would take to develop a Reference Data Library. One answer I have heard is forever, but of course another answer is immediately (or as long as it takes to deploy an iRingTools Server). Both answers are correct, but neither is very helpful. Indeed, there is a Reference […]

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Humble Beginnings

With the recent death of Eugene Polley the inventor of the wireless remote control, I was wondering what his drivers where for the invention. In 1956 how many channels will there have been and how much functionality was in a TV ?  With todays plethora of channels and TV’s with features many users do not […]

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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? The recent press releases of the versions of Windows, created some publicity, and I am not sure it is all good.  Certainly in the minds of the “casual” user, there will be some confusion with the Windows RT version compared to the Windows version. The concern of some is how this […]

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Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap With current activities based around London, I read a recent article about how much house prices had increased related to their relationship to different tube lines. (1) The headline of the article was that houses linked to the Bakerloo line had had the greatest increase over the past 10 years.  Of course […]

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How big is too big ?

How big is too big ? With the explosion of information about the Titanic this month, I had not realised that this ship was the biggest ship of its time and indeed was the largest ship afloat at the time of her sinking. With out of date standards being defined for the number of lifeboats […]

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Intelligent Information Management

Intelligent Information Management Disclaimer : the following is meant to be read in an engineering context without any philosophical consideration of privacy issues. “Intelligent Information Management” What does the above mean to you ?  When I first saw this, my immediate reaction was to question if the author meant Intelligent Information, which made me think […]

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