About iRINGToday

iRINGToday is an online community site dedicated to keeping the industry up to date and informed about the latest developments, news, and events surrounding iRING, the global information interoperability solution architecture based on the ISO 15926 reference data standard that enables high fidelity information interoperability across the lifecycle of capital facility operations and projects.

The iRINGToday site content is specifically geared toward a business audience and explores the business value that can be realized from industry-wide adoption of iRING.

If you are an executive or manager involved in the supply chain of designing, engineering, constructing, and operating the world’s infrastructure, then this site is for you. As industry momentum continues to build around data interoperability, it’s important that you understand the solutions being developed and how to leverage them for competitive advantage. The business value of addressing data interoperability is indisputable and can save billions of dollars industry-wide in capital and operating costs while significantly lowering project risk and improving safety.

iRINGToday compliments other ISO 15926 information sources available on the Internet, which are highly technical in nature and designed for data modelers and software engineers.  iRINGToday will highlight the business value of solving the interoperability problem for each participant in the infrastructure ecosystem, as well as aggregate other useful sources of information for those who want to learn more.

For example, our Resources page contains links to relevant sites, published books, industry presentations, videos, and more. We will also publish executive interviews with thought leaders from all segments (EPCs, suppliers, software vendors, owners, operators) as they share their vision and best practices. In addition, we will publish thought leadership materials (such as white papers) that we think provide useful insights. iRINGToday is here to inform the industry and is vendor independent,  so there will be no advertising or promotion of products or services on the site.

iRINGToday is a non-profit entity supported by the donations of our sponsors. Sponsor donations are used to operate and maintain the site and invest in new, thought leading content that benefits everyone.

We encourage visitors to subscribe to our email list (protected by a “no-share” privacy policy), which will be used to distribute the latest industry news via a bi-annual eNewsletter.  We will also publish a blog, which will help to facilitate a dialog within the industry and enable us to publish new information quickly.

We welcome comments, suggestions and submissions to the site for publication. Enjoy!