About iRING

iRING is the global information interoperability solution architecture based on the ISO 15926 Reference Data Standard that enables high fidelity information interoperability across the lifecycle of capital facility operations and projects.

iRING is implementation technology-neutral and covers the full range of compliant uses of ISO15926 from exchange though integration to the most sophisticated semantic-web applications.

It was developed by an industry-wide community of experts who are collaborating members of Fiatech, POSC Caesar, ISO, and USPI.

The goal of iRING is to expedite the adoption and pragmatic use of the ISO 15926 standard to improve data interoperability across the capital projects industry, resulting in vastly improved supply chain efficiency.

Using iRING, owner/operators, EPCs (engineering, procurement and construction) contractors, equipment suppliers, and software vendors collaborating on capital facilities operations and projects can transfer information between heterogeneous
applications without the need for costly, error-prone data interpretation and translation. Information can be shared accurately and effortlessly in the context of each phase of the asset lifecycle – from design, construction, handover, and commissioning to operations, maintenance and eventual decommissioning.

As the adoption of iRING continues, the capital projects industry will benefit from:

  • Lower overall project costs
  • Decreased time to start up operations
  • Improved plant safety
  • Improved maintenance efficiency
  • Reduced planned and unplanned downtime.

Resulting in better asset performance and lifetime return-on-assets (ROA), and armed with trusted asset data, operators can comply with regulatory and safety mandates faster, reducing risk and lowering costs.