iRING for the Capital Facilities Industry

iRING for the Capital Facilities Industry

Dramatically improved information interoperability for capital projects and facilities:

• More predicable projects with lower risk
• More efficient, higher yield facilities
• Lower project and operational costs
• Improved worker safety, fewer human errors
• Higher return on assets (ROA)

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High Fidelity Information Interoperability over the Capital Facility Lifecycle

Using iRING, the capital facilities industry is dramatically improving efficiency and productivity by reducing the time spent finding and verifying information; this ultimately makes the lifecycle for capital facilities more predictable and results in safer, more efficient plants that produce a higher return on assets (ROA) with lower project and operational costs.

iRING provides industry-wide benefits

Owner/Operators who adopt iRING benefit by streamlining the handover process, resulting in faster time-to-operations and revenue. Plants are safer, more efficient, and more productive due to the availability of accurate, reliable data for operations and maintenance personnel.
EPCs (engineering, procurement and construction) design and build safer, more reliable plants faster and at a lower cost because everyone involved can access and utilize the right asset information at the right time.
Original Equipment Suppliers will deliver more accurate and reliable information, reduce errors in data sheets and bid responses, and deliver complete, context-appropriate data about assets required by EPCs for designing and constructing plants and by owner/operators when operating and maintaining plants.
Software Vendors deliver products and services based on the ISO 15926 standard that enable high fidelity information interoperability between heterogeneous applications, eliminating the need for costly, error prone mapping.